About Sumas Elementary School

Serving the community of Sumas on Lawson Street since 1975, Sumas Elementary welcomes students from kindergarten through fifth grade, along with offering early childhood programs. Current principal Megan Vigre, previously a teacher in the district, leads a talented staff serving about 264 students. A recent bond passage will bring the community an upgraded Sumas Elementary building in time for the 2021-22 school year.

Sumas Elementary School
1024 Lawson St
Sumas, WA 98295

Map and Directions

Phone: (360) 988-9423
Fax: (360) 988-8983


A Note from Principal, Megan Vigre

To all Pioneer Parents and Guardians;

The staff at Sumas Elementary named what is special about our school community. We are a genuine, caring, welcoming community that includes and supports all students and families.  We work together as a team to support each other in becoming our best professional selves.  Our students need consistent, firm, loving, trusted, supportive relationships so they can learn. We have a sense of wonder amongst us as we along with our students are problem solvers.  We know this place is special and that we are making a difference.  We see this in smiles, aha’s, data growth, and student, family and teacher voices that are heard and shared.  We value each family and their students. We feel confident that every child that gets to be a part of Sumas Elementary this year will grow in so many ways.

We are on the look out for examples of people in our community being Positive Pioneers.  This can happen with in our school walls and in the broader community.  We would love to hear these stories and record them so that we are naming and sharing how our students are being kind and thoughtful.  There is a quick video on our website showing how they are recognized at school.  Some of these stories will be highlighted on our web page.  When you have a story to share no matter how big or small please let any one of our staff know and they will record this for the student and recognize them.  We keep this theme going all year long as we read a book of the month as a building and discuss being thoughtful and kind to all.  Our book this month is Good People Everywhere by Kristina Swarner.  You will even see some schoolwide art on our walls that has been inspired from the books we read together.

We look forward to this year and working together with our families!  A great way to connect with happenings at our school is on our Sumas PTO Facebook page as well as our Sumas School website.

Kind regards,

Megan Vigre